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Mercasa’s international activity

Actividad internacional

Mercasa offers international technical assistance services to support a public administrations (state governments, regional and municipal authorities), international financial institutions and private market developers (companies and promoter groups). Our international technical assistance covers all stages of the project, from conception to implementation.

Corporate Presentation

Mercasa Préstation d entreprise

Leadership supporting the food chain

Our experience

Mercasa manages a Network of Wholesale Markets that consists of 23 Food Units “Mercas” distributed throughout the Spanish national territory. The global surface area is around 7.7 million m2, in which about 3,200 companies carry out their activity. This experience gives Mercasa a thorough knowledge, unique in the world, of development of wholesale marketing models in third countries.

Within this line of activity, Mercasa offers consulting services to public administrations and private companies in third countries that are looking for a modern approach to Wholesale Market structures. The conceptualization of this type of markets is a complex process, a long-term strategic reflection that requires covering several stages for its planning, design and administration. In this way, Mercasa offers a unique methodology, leading the client by the hand throughout the entire process.

Another of the main strategic lines of Mercasa is the strengthening of retail markets as a fresh food distribution channel. Mercasa launched in Spain the "Remodeling of Retail Municipal Markets Program", which aimed to provide retail trade with support measures for its competitive and sustainable growth. This national experience in the reform of local markets is also applied in the internationally. Mercasa also offers, to market management administrations, technical assistance in the conceptualization and design of "gourmet" markets.

Services offer

Mercasa, as a ground-breaking, is expanding its range of services with advice on quality and food safety for importing and exporting agri-food products following European Union standards.

The market services cover the entire development process of a market, from its feasibility study to its implementation.

Wholesale markets

  • Feasibility and sizing studies of Wholesale Markets.
  • Pre-projects and technical projects.
  • Wholesale Market legal-institutional framework and management body proposals.
  • Supervision of wholesale markets construction.
  • Market internal procedures, operating rules and services proposal. Technical and/or commercial recommendations in order to improve existing markets functioning.
  • Operator and market managers training:
    • Definition and execution of wholesale and retail markets training programs for managers and retailers.
    • Dissemination of best practices in markets, health and food safety and traceability through the promotion and implementation of international events and workshops.
    • Awareness days and seminars.
  • Management audits.
  • Technical assistance for compliance with agri-food regulations regarding food safety and hygiene.

Retail Markets

  • Modernization & feasibility studies of new and/or existing Retail Markets.
  • Geo-Location studies.
  • Renovation of retail markets infrastructures and/or market buildings of historic and artistic interest.
  • “Gourmet” Markets technical and commercial projects.
  • Provisional markets design and administration while rebuilding an existing retail market.
  • "Commercial mix” identification. Added value commercial services.
  • Promotion and communication campaigns.
  • Market management.

Training and Institutional events

  • Wholesale and retail markets training programs for managers and traders.
  • International events and workshops on the advancement of best practices in markets, health and food safety and traceability.
  • Seminars and awareness days.

World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM)

Actividad internacionalThe World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM) is an international non-profit association that aims to promote the international exchange of information on wholesale and retail markets, with a view to improving their construction, organization and management.

The mission of the WUWM is to promote the essential role that wholesale and retail markets play in ensuring the sustainable access, availability and distribution of a diverse variety of quality fresh food products, whilst maintaining competitive prices and the highest standards of service and food security, through our the international community.

Mercasa is an active member of the WUWM, having held twice its presidency. Nowadays, Mercasa is part of the Board of Directors and participates in the main working groups.

Some of our projects


  • Agri-Food Wholesale Market in Tiblisi pre-feasibility study.
  • Poland
  • Training course for Polish technicians selected by the Ministry of Agriculture of Poland.
  • Russia
  • Fresh Products Platform in Novosibirsk Project: technical advice on construction and engineering.
  • Theoretical-practical training program on wholesale markets management.
  • Uzbekistan
  • Consultancy for the evaluation of wholesale trade infrastructures.


  • Fishery products commercial infrastructures. Improvement processing and storage.
  • Feasibility Study for the development of the Central Market of Dakar.


  • Internal trade in Santa Fe. Advice and training to the responsible local authorities.
  • Gourmet Market in Buenos Aires. Technical assistance and remodeling.
  • Chile
  • Recommendations and strategies on fishery products and safety, commercialization and promotion. How to increase in Chile population consumption of fish and seafood products.
  • Colombia
  • Seminar on the commercialization in Spain of fruits and vegetables, addressed to Colombian economic, social and institutional agents.
  • Costa Rica
  • Consultancy on the modernization of the Alajuela retail market.
  • Training course on retail markets management in San José.
  • Seminar on the commercialization and distribution of fruits, vegetables and fish in Spain.
  • Ecuador
  • New wholesale market in Quito. Conceptualization and design of technical blueprint and feasibility study.
  • El Salvador
  • Feasibility study and improvement of the local Wholesale Market "La Tiendona", in San Salvador.
  • Haiti
  • Technical Supervision on the Binational Market located in the transboundary region of northern Haiti and Dominican Republic.
  • Mexico
  • Market in Pachuca de Soto. Conceptualization, sizening identification and operative consultancy.
  • Technical Assistance on a remodeling project of the Retail Market of San Juan de Pugibet in Mexico City.
  • Uruguay
  • Food Unit of Montevideo Master Plan. Consultancy and drafting.
  • Panama
  • Mercapanamá (Wholesale Market in Panama): Conceptualization, technical design and construction.
  • Training program for the New Retail Markets in the cities of David, Colón, La Chorrera, La Chorrera Público and Chitré.
  • Future Peripheral Markets in Panama City: location study.
  • Monitoring and technical supervision of the renovation and enlargement of San Felipe Neri Market in Panama City.
  • Retail Market of Juan Diaz Township, in the city of Panama: design, construction plans and technical specifications.
  • Puerto Rico
  • Central Market in San Juan. Pre-feasibility study, commercialization and design.
  • Dominican Republic
  • MercaSantoDomingo (Wholesale Market of Santo Domingo -Dominican Republic). Conceptualization, technical design and construction.
  • Retail markets in Cristo Rey and La Duarte (now called Villas Agrícolas). Execution projects.



  • Wholesale markets. Markets situation study. Recommendations on modernizing commercial structures.

Multi-country projects

Review existing legal and institutional environment, review of supply chain and evaluate demands for safe foods as justification for modern wholesale markets in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Vietnam, for the Asian Development Bank.

International News

01/2018 Award of Asian Development Bank contract for the review of existing legal and institutional environment, review of supply chain and evaluation of demands for safe foods as justification for modern wholesale markets in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Vietnam.

12/01/2018 Visit to Mercamadrid of Mr. Rui Paulo Figueiredo, Chairman and CEO of SIMAB, (Sociedade Instaladora Mercados Abastecedores, S.A.) and technicians of the MARL (Mercado Abastecedor da Região de Lisboa), from Portugal.

Mercasa en facebook Twitter

17/11/2017 Visit to Mercamadrid with a delegation of the Bucaramanga Chamber of Commerce (Colombia).

Visita a Mercamadrid con una delegación de la Cámara de Comercio de Bucaramanga en Colombia.


14/11/2017 Mercasa, invited by the China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing, took part in the 8th Global Sourcing Forum of WUHAN (China) with a presentation about “Distribution Supply Chain in fresh food Wholesale Markets”.

Mercasa en facebook Twitter

3-5/11/2017 Mercasa has been invited to participate in the World Food India Fair.

31/10/2017 Visit to Mercavalencia with the Minister of Agriculture of Panamá.


23-27/10/2017 Participation of Mercasa in the Congress of the World Union of Wholesale Markets in Melbourne and Sidney, Australia.


Mercasa en facebook Twitter

08/09/2017 Visit to Mercavalencia with a delegation of Vojvodina, Serbia.

08/2017 Participation of Mercasa in the international conference in Astana, Kazakhstan.

07/2017 Study Tour for senior government officials from Nepal, Vietnam, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan for training in management and development of wholesale markets, for the Asian Development Bank.

Mercasa en facebook Twitter

07/2017 Award of Asian Development Bank contract for the conduction of feasibility studies for the development of wholesale markets in three cities of Uzbekistan (Tashkent, Fergana and Samarkand).

06/2017 Participation of Mercasa in the Myanmar Partnership, ICEX.

Participación de Mercasa en el Partenariado de Myanmar, Icex.


17-19/05/2017 Participation of Mercasa in the Congress of the World Union of Wholesale Markets in Rome, Italy.

29/03/2017 Study Tour of the Association of Wholesale and Retail in Germany (GFI, Gesellshf für Förderung der Interessen del Beutschen Fischmärkte, e.V).

03/2017 Visit to Mercamadrid with Serbian media.

02/2017 Meeting of the International Directorate of Mercasa with the Minister of Agriculture and the Secretary of State of Nepal.

Reunión de la Dirección Internacional de Mercasa con el Ministro de Agricultura y el Secretario de Estado de Nepal.


24/01/2017 “Love your local market” work team meeting, in Paris.

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